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WIJSF News June 2018



Meet our 330th member, 59th Male Supporter, and 14th Champion ALLEN THOMAS!


America Is For Us All by Melody Cole (R.I.P.)

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Kim Clarke

Sat June 9 @7pm BRONX MUSIC HERITAGE CENTER-1303 Louis Nine Blvd, Bx w/Bertha Hope
June 11 & 12 Fasny Concert
June 13 Arthur Sterling Birthday JAm
June 17 National JAzz Museum Gala for Bertha Hope
June 18 JFA JAm
June 21 Lower East Side Girls Club mini concert 402 East 8th St between Aves B and C 3:30 pm
June 23 WAE Graduation
July 21 Bertha @ Soundbite
August 22 Grants Tomb with Bertha Hope Quintet
Aug 25 Scientology Community Room w/Karen MaynardSlide23Slide24Slide25Slide26Slide27Slide28Slide29Slide30Slide31Slide32Slide33Slide34Slide35Slide36Slide37Slide38Slide39Slide40Slide41Slide42Slide43Slide44

Submission Rules for MUSICWOMAN MAGAZINE


Two WIJSF Projects for 2019

PROJECT I – Article Submission:

After four publications of our Catalog of Women in Arts & Business (2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018), we have an advertisement base sufficient enough to warrant the publication of Musicwoman Magazine©®™, which has been part of our Business Plan for over seven years. This is the link to the first online magazine we published in August 2013:

This process began because our Past President Lorna Lesperance demanded that we have advertisers to support the publication. Since 2014, we have been able to print and distribute 10,000 catalogs with the help of a printing grant from Conquest Graphics. This year, we were awarded $2,500 in FREE printing. We still have $1,250 left and we will be engaged in the contest to accrue more FREE printing for 2019.

The purpose of Musicwoman Magazine©®™ is to highlight our musical members. You are hereby invited to submit your article for publication in our first official publication in March 2019. The rules are as follows:

  1. Only WIJSF members in good standing (dues paid in 2018) may submit an article.
  2. Your article must be 700-1000 words.
  3. You must submit at least three photographs (1200-2500 pixels) with your article.
  4. Your article should highlight the pros and cons of your career as a woman in music, including
    1. Challenges you faced as a woman in the music industry
    2. Mentors who helped your career
    3. Accomplishments you experienced like having your music performed or licensed by a filmmaker, orchestra, theater company, etc.
  5. All articles will be reviewed by a panel of judges including at least three (3) WIJSF Board Members and three (3) WIJSF Members.
  6. At least five (3) articles will be chosen for printing in the magazine. The criteria for an article being chosen include:
    1. The article is exciting and interesting.
    2. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are meticulous.
    3. Photographs are colorful and of high quality.
  7. The top five (5) articles will be printed. The remaining articles that meet the criteria will be posted on our blog at
  8. All published articles will be exclusive to Musicwoman Magazine©®™.
  9. Unless we receive a grant for this project, no remuneration will be forthcoming.

Review our first publication and email me at if you are planning to submit your article. The deadline for article submission is August 15, 2018.

PROJECT II – Song Submission



Dr. Joan Cartwright, Founder, and Executive Director